Catch and Release

December 07, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
Catch and Release
Show Notes

In this episode of HomeBound, we artfully explore the concept of "Catch and Release." What do we keep? What do we let go of? How are we to navigate this concept when a global pandemic demands that choices be made? What situations give us the agency to practice the concept of catch and release?

Topics: Fishing, Fresh Flowers, Movie Nights with Family, Family, Daughters, Sons, Traditions, Routines, Truth, Time with Others, Reading, World Book Encyclopedia, Being Disconnected, Being Alone With Self, Relationship to Self, Books, Favorite Books, The Bible, Nursing Home, Living in a Nursing Home, Cleaning, Motivation, Working, Marriage, Survival, Racism, History Repeating, Historical Oppression, Zoom, Facetime, Video Conferencing, Taking things for Granted, New Technology, Change, Fear of Change, Versace Glasses

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