The Bonus Episode

March 31, 2021 Limelight, LLC. Season 1 Episode 4
The Bonus Episode
Show Notes

Have you missed HomeBound? We hope this bonus episode will tide you over until our Season 2 premiere coming this summer!

This episode is an opportunity for the HomeBound team to respond to and reflect on the conversations from our first season. It features a series of short poems written in response to, or participation with, 2-3 lines of dialogue taken from an interview in season one with some additional commentary from the team.

Topics: Endings, beginnings, what we leave behind, moving, sometimes all you can feel is the space, distance, distance between family members, the distance between generations, distance on the same path, the strength of age, acceptance of what is, acceptance, the depth of acceptance which allows you to be, friendship,  what does it mean to leave a lifetime of memory?, How do you choose what to let go of?  

Interested in having  Homebound come to your neighborhood and create conversations between olders and youngers, connect with us at  limelightlive.org/homebound

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